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After twenty-two years of ministry in a school for missionaries' children, we have transitioned to a new ministry emphasis.

Our new ministry builds on the gifts and skills that God has developed in us through our years in education in Rubio, Venezeula. We seek to provide the encouragement and tools for missionaries to increase their effectiveness in ministry while they are in the midst of ministry.

 Centre for Lifelong Learning As part of TEAM's Centre for Lifelong Learning, we work with missionaries to help them design and implement their personal and professional growth plans, providing resources and bringing together individuals from around the globe into a learning community, facilitated by using the tools of technology that allow rapid, robust communication using a variety of media and human resources. We call this the LifeLearner Network.
   Effectiveness in ministry is a combination of character and competence. Paul urged Timothy to make them both a matter of high priority and consistent effort. Paul wrote "Do not neglect your gift. .. Be diligent in these matters. Give yourself wholly to them so that everyone may see your progress." (I Timothy 4:15-16).  

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