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Roger and Lois have served as missionaries with TEAM since 1978, when they left for language study in Costa Rica. They served at the Christiansen Academy, a school for missionaries’ children located in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela until the school closed in June of 2001. Roger, who taught physics, math, and Bible at the school, also served for three years as Assistant Principal and two years as Principal. Lois was the school nurse, and frequently worked with local health professionals in community health service opportunities. Lois also served as school hostess for two years. Together, Roger and Lois served as dormparents to the high school girls for two years. For several years Roger, who is also a licensed minister, pastored a small church in the mountains above the town of Rubio, working with the Venezuelan believers over the course of six years until they had constructed a church building and called a Venezuelan pastor.
Roger and Lois are currently in the United States preparing for a new responsibility, helping missionaries increase their effectiveness in ministry through a global learning network.

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